SRM200 from Wolfgang Warmbier – Surface Resistance Meter Presentation

July 20, 2020

SRM200 is a very useful tool for checking surface resistance and resistance to ground for ESD compliance and static control.

The instrument can be used on work surfaces, floors, chairs, carts, clothing and packaging materials, etc. With the additional “two-point probe” adapter also Rpp measurements can be done on small areas like in cavities of vacuum formed trays.

The measured value is displayed with LED display that indicates whether the value is conductive, dissipative or insulating. All readings can be stored in the instrument and can by using the included software easily transferred to PC via USB cable.

The measurements can be performed either with the built-in measurement electrodes (fitted with conductive rubber for good conductivity) on the underside of the instrument or together with lightweight travel electrodes. Performed measurements with external measuring electrode met the requirements of ANSI ESD S20.20 and IEC61340-5-1. SRM 2000 also has integrated temperature and humidity sensor.

The SRM200 is available in the North America from Transforming Technologies:

Warmbier SRM200 Pocket Digital Surface Resistance Verification Kit

For more information, call 419-841-9552 for email

Bemcot M3II Low Linting Anti-Static Cleanroom Wipers

BEMCOT M-3 static dissipative cleanroom ESD wipers are suitable for nearly all manufacturing and optical cleaning applications.

Bemcot wipers are for quick and easy wiping in cleanrooms, automotive manufacturing, electronics screen printing and other working environments that demBemcot M3IIand the lowest levels of lint and particles. BEMCOT is characterized by its low particle generation, high absorbency, high purity, high chemical resistance, high heat resistance, anti-static, ecoefficiency, enabling the high level of performance required for wipers for cleanrooms.

Bemcot wipers can be used in various industries such as semiconductor, optical, medical, cosmetics, food & beverage, printed circuit boards, building maintenance, automobile, aircraft, LCD, magnetic tapes, oil, tools, equipment, glass, optics, etc.


  • Made of proprietary 100% filament rayon that absorbs 13 times its weight in liquid
  • Nonwoven, soft, and low-linting wiper with excellent antistatic and heat resistance properties
  • No binders—safe to use with different solutions
  • Designed for use on sensitive electrical equipment, and in compact disk and magnetic tape industries
  • Apertured surface promotes particle removal
  • Static dissipative ESD wipes for all electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications
  • 100% knitted polyester
  • No carbon or metal fibers
  • Less than 100 volts tribo-charge
  • Good solvent resistance, lint-free
  • Complies with ANSI/ESD S20.20 ( per ANSI/ESD S11.11 & ANSI/ESD DS11.12 )

Read about Bemcot Wipers in Electronics Screen Printing and Bemcot Wipers in Automotive Processes.

For price and availability on the BEMCOT M-3 wipers or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email

Transforming Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Kirby & Dermarest as the Independent Manufacture’s Representative for Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.

Kirby & Dermarest is a team composed of Steve Kirby covering Oregon and SW Washington and Alan Siebenthall covering Washington and British Columbia, Canada. As a Manufacturers Representatives, Kirby & Dermarest bring to high technology companies an array of products utilized in the design, manufacture and test of circuit board assemblies, hybrid circuits, and semiconductors.

Kirby & Dermarest can be reached at



Is Your Facility In Need Of ESD Training?

April 25, 2016

 Professional ESD Services

Transforming Technologies provides comprehensive knowledge of electrostatic issues, effective solution-oriented products and outstanding, friendly service.

 Because customer needs periodically include requirements for consultation, training, auditing or verification, we offer Professional ESD Services such as trainings or audits.

Please contact us for more information on our professional services and insure that your static control program is as effective and efficient as possible.

Medivators training31

 General Static Charge Audit

Find out if your facility has static charge in locations that can be harmful to your manufacturing process. The work includes benchmarking of each step of the production line, measuring electric fields and electromagnetic interference caused by electrostatic discharge.  A report is supplied with interpretation of results and assessment of the magnitude of each item found.

Additionally, this service can also include a search for ESD induced transient EMI. This can be important in facilities with lots of computer-driven robotics or automated testing. This type of EMI can disturb microprocessor operations resulting in locked up  or stopped robots, other robotic unexplained behavior or cause good parts to test bad.

Facility Review

Includes a complete static charge audit and detailed review of each step in the manufacturing process. If you prefer, the study can focus on one part of the manufacturing process, for example photolithography.

Where problems are identified a selection of choices of solutions are recommended.  In addition. The study focuses on identifying the steps required to achieve best practices concerning personnel grounding, garments, equipment grounding, hand tools, chairs, work surfaces and automated handling procedures.  A report is supplied with recommended upgrades to the facility intended to improve facility ESD safety.

Ionizer Performance Verification

Find out if the ionizers in the process are working properly and if they are correctly designed in so that they can achieve the results required,  If the ionizers are in need of maintenance or adjustment you will know it.  If ther ionizers can be made to work better, you will receive recommendations.  If the ionizers used are the wrong type or if additional ionizers are required, the report will include these facts.

Ionizer Service: Clean and Calibrate

Corona ionizers collect material from the environment much like a dust precipitator.  That material lowers the efficiency of the ionizer and must be removed.  Also as tools and fixtures are moved in the cleanroom, the balance of the ionizer is effected.  For both of these reasons and because the control circuitry in the ionizer drifts over time, the ionizers require maintenence.

ESD Training

No ESD control program can succeed without the help and cooperation of the production team.  LBL offers a seminar to teach the people manning your production floor about static charge and how the various steps in a control program work.

ESD Issues for the Senior Manager

LBL understands the complex issues that arise from being in charge of quality management and safety. LBL will work with senior management to consolidate best the practices and drive standardization across the organization.

Specific Problem Solving

Wether you are just starting your ESD control program or static discharge has been a main concern for years, LBL understands that every static problem is unique, ranging from the simple to the incredibly complex.  Contact LBL to discuss any issues, big or small that you may have.

Contact us today for more information on ESD professional services


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Toledo, OH 43617

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ESD Mat Selection Guide

April 19, 2016

Introducing Transforming Technologies ESD Mat Selection Guide

Whether it be an ESD Table Mat or an ESD Floor Mat, making the best choice can be difficult. With the help of our ESD Mat Selection Guides, we have condensed all the selection criteria such as material construction, resistance ranges, surface, color, style, or size into two separate charts for your convenience.

Table Mat Selection Guide

ESD Table Mat Selection Guide

Bring your ESD workstation to its optimal level by complementing your table mat surface with any of our ionizers, wristband sets, or constant monitors.

Table Mat Selection Guide - PORTRAIT

Floor Mat Selection Guide

ESD Floor Mat Selection Guide

All of our floor mats may be enhanced by a person(s) use of any of our heel grounders to ensure maximum groundability.

For price and availability on table and/or floor matting, or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email


New Product Announcement: The SRM330 Lightweight Travel Surface Resistance Meter Kit

March 10, 2016

The SRM330 Lightweight Travel Surface Resistance Meter Kit

The SRM330 Surface Resistance Meter is the ultimate travel kit for testing materials for electrical re-sistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM test procedures. The 9V battery powered SRM330 is equipped with built-in parallel electrodes for quick surface resistance measurements (table matting, floor matting, etc.) and includes two lightweight “travel” electrodes that eliminate the cumbersome weight of standard kits. When pressed, the travel electrodes simulate the 5lbs of pressure necessary to measure resistance point-to-point (RPP) or resistance-to-ground (RTG).


Features include:

  • Easy-to-read color coded readout screen
  • Two lightweight travel electrodes
  • Built in resistivity probes
  • Automatic test voltage selector
  • Carrying case


The SRM330 meets periodic test requirements per Compliance Verification ESD TR53 and conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1).

For price and availability on the Ranger series constant monitors or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email


Introducing Transforming Technologies Resistance Ranger Constant Monitors

February 29, 2016

Resistance Ranger Dual Wire Constant Monitors

The Resistance Ranger Constant Monitors are an accurate and cost effective system to ensure that an ESD workstation station is grounded. The system continually monitors the resistance levels of wrist strap sets and alarm to indicate a failure.  The system uses superior dual wire wrist straps that provide two paths-to-ground to ensure ESD protection. The Rangers can also monitor the ground connection of the ESD worksurfaces and grounded tools.  All three models have conductive cases and use an ultra-low voltage sensing current. The Resistance Rangers are designed for use in the most sensitive environments and processes.


Three Models:       

RangerOne™ – p/n CM1601
This model is simplest and most economical constant monitor. It monitors the resistance of 1 person/wrist strap. Also provides a second unmonitored ground jack.


RangerTwo™ – p/n CM1602:   
This model monitors the resistance level of 1 person/wrist strap and the worksurface ground. Also provides a second unmonitored ground jack.


Ranger™ – p/n CM1600:   
Ranger is the premiere work station grounding system available. The Ranger monitors two wrist bands, two work surfaces, and two auxiliary grounds simultaneously. Also provides two additional unmonitored ground jacks .The Ranger has an output to hookup to an external alarm. The monitor is enclosed in a stainless steel conductive case.


The Ranger Series is factory calibrated and does not require annual recalibration.  It is recommended to verify the monitors are in proper working order with the CM2015PV periodic verification unit.

CyclopsTM Operator Presence Check – CMREMOTE-IR
The Cyclops is an infrared sensor that causes the monitor to alarm when an operator approaches the workstation without connecting their wrist strap. The alarm continues until compliance is achieved.

CP3000 Wrist Strap Parking Station
Provides a jack that will allow an operator to disconnect and leave the dual conductor cord at the workstation without the wrist strap monitoring system alarm sounding. For use with mono plug coil cords.

Superior Technology
Resistance based monitoring is the only true wrist strap monitoring technology available.  Single wire systems simply detect that a person is wearing a wrist strap and put the monitor into an unalarmed state.  Resistance monitors actually measure the resistance of the wrist strap in combination with the person and alarm if the product exceeds preset levels. This accurate measurement ensures reliability.

Compatible Wrist Straps
WB2800 Series Two Snap, Dual Wire Wrist Bands
WB2695 Series One Snaps Dual Wire Wrist Bands
WB5000 Series Mono Plug Dual Wire Metal Wrist Bands
WB7000 Series Mono Plug Dual Wire Fabric Wrist Bands
*Most Standard Dual Wire Wrist Band Sets are Compatible with the CM1600, CM1601 and CM1602

For price and availability on the Ranger series constant monitors or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email



New Product Announcement: GrooveSTAT ESD Conductive Floor Runner

February 23, 2016

Transforming Technologies is proud to announce the addition of the GrooveSTAT ESD Conductive Floor Runner to our line of ESD Products.


Transforming Technologies GrooveSTAT Conductive Rubber Matting provides the electrical properties specified by ESDA standards for floor mats. A ribbed emboss provides a non-slip surface that provides excellent traction and allows the mat to be easily cleaned. The ribbed matting is also very resilient, allowing it to stand up to heavy foot traffic while still maintaining its ESD protection. The material also offers moderate chemical resistance. The matting is 1/8″ thick matting is available in 4’x32′ rolls and an assortment of lengths.For use with ESD footwear such as heel grounders and sole grounders.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1

Benefits & Features of the Transforming Technologies GrooveSTAT ESD Conductive Floor Runner:

  • 100% conductive rubber: 10^3-10^5
  • Corrugated v-groove surface allows for a superior traction and can easily be cleaned
  • Available in rolls or an assortment of lengths.

Specifications of the Transforming Technologies conductive GrooveSTAT ESD Conductive Floor Runner:

  • Point-to-point resistance: 10e3-10e5
  • Mats or full rolls for floor runners
  • Meet or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1



For price and availability on the FM10 GrooveSTAT ESD Conductive Floor Runner or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email

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New Product Announcement: ComfortTREAD Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Runners

February 9, 2016

Transforming Technologies is proud to announce the addition of the ComfortTREAD Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Runner to our line of ESD Products.


ComfortTREAD diamond-plate ESD anti-fatigue mats keep your workers comfortable and your ESD sensitive equipment safe. The 100% conductive rubber mats are embossed with raised diamond-plate treads for superior traction and feature wide beveled borders to promote safety. A fully molded honeycombed cell design absorbs shock and cushions the feet from constant contact with hard surfaces. The mat will not separate, bubble-up, ripple, tear, compress or lose resiliency. Available in interlocking sections which can be quickly dismantled to make moving and cleaning easy. Two FM9E connected creates a 2.5′ x5′ workstation mat or you can pair the two FM9E with any number of FM9C pieces to create a runner in 30” increments. For use with ESD footwear such as heel grounders and sole grounders.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1

Benefits & Features of the Transforming Technologies ComfortTREAD ESD Matting:

  • 100% conductive rubber: 10^3-10^5
  • Diamond-plate treads for superior traction
  • Interlocking sections create a 5’ long work-station mat or runners in 30” increments.
  • Beveled borders for safety

Specifications of the Transforming Technologies conductive ComfortTREAD ESD Matting:

  • Point-to-point resistance: 10e3-10e5
  • Inlocking mats for floor runners
  • Meet or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1
ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Piece

ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Piece

ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue End Piece

ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue End Piece

For price and availability on the FM9 ComfortTREAD Anti-Fatigue Floor Runners or for information on any products in Transforming Technologies full line of ESD products, please call 419-841-9552 or email


Comparing AC Ionizers to DC Ionizers

February 8, 2016

Ionizers remove static from surfaces that cannot be grounded. You will find two common types: AC or Alternating Current and DC or Direct Current. This presentation reviews the pros and cons of each technology and will help you decide which ionizer will work best for your application.

For more information, contact Transforming Technologies 419-841-9552.

The difference between DC and AC ionization is the way the emitter points function.  In AC, like the Transforming Technologies Ptec & BFN Ionizers, the same emitter point alternates between releasing positive and negative ions.  This means they inherently have a voltage balance.  This is because if an emitter gets dirty and isn’t functioning, the other emitters are still alternating between positive and negative ions.  This also means that the ions are closer together which makes it more likely for them to recombine. This means normally higher fan speeds are needed to reduce the time between the fan and the surface that needs to be ionized.

DC ionizers have separate emitters for positive and negative ions.  This means that it’s a little more difficult to ensure a low voltage balance and if one emitter stops working, it throws the unit out of balance.  These types of units require a lot more consistent maintenance/monitoring to ensure a good voltage balance.  The benefits are that the emitters are separate so there is less of a chance of recombination of the ions.  This allows the DC units to operate at a lower fan speed which is very beneficial when your components are small or you are in a clean room.

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