Warmbier 7100.PGT120.WK Mounting Plate for the PGT120 Series Tester

  • Mounting plate for the Wolfgang Warmbier PGT120 Series ESD Combo Testers
  • Works with the following Models
    • PGT120
    • PGT120.COM
  • Mount the PGT series testers on the wall or a bench
  • NOTE:  Does not include the tester and footplate.  Wall plate only.
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Part Number: 7100.PGT120.WK
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Data Sheet

Warmbier 7100.PGT120.WK Mounting Plate for the PGT120 and PGT120.COM personnel grounding testers.

The Warmbier 7100.PGT120.WK Mounting Plate installs the PGT120 and the PGT120.COM Personal Grounding Testers on the the wall, bench or Pedestal Stand.  Does not include tester – mounting plate only.

For use with models:

About the PGT120 Series ESD Tester

The PGT120.COM ESD grounding tester takes quick and accurate resistance measurements of ESD wrist straps, ESD footwear, heel grounders and smocks and stores test data on a computer. Data logging ESD test information in a computer database eliminates a paper log, where the operators must hand write ESD test information and you must rely on the honor system for compliance. The unit operates with 3 independent measuring circuits which allows the wrist straps and heel grounders be to tested individually and simultaneously. The PGT120.COM can be connected to an automatic door opening system which allows entry with only passing results.

Wolfgang Warmbier is the premiere ESD products manufacture in Europe.