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Item #: BFNG10

  • EXCELLENT STATIC ELIMINATION: Fast static decay times (1000-100v in 2 seconds at 12″)
  • PRECISION: The handheld guns provides point-and-shoot precision ionization where ever you need it.
  • DESIGN: A single integrated Air/Power cable eliminates bulky high voltage cables and strain relief protects cables from damage.
  • FILTRATION: A filter is available to ensure your gun is providing clean air to your sensitive processes
  • AC TECHNOLOGY: The BFNG10 uses AC technology to produce a balanced output of air ions (+15 volts) with lower maintenance requirements than DC ionizers
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A high-performance ESD ionizing gun perfect for a wide variety of industrial applications.  The BFNG10 provides excellent balance and rapid charge decay for secure ESD workstation protection.

The BFNG10 ionizing gun combines portability, fast static decay rates, excellent balance and low compressed air consumption to efficiently remove static and contaminates in the Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly, Medical Device, Optics, Automotive and Pharmaceutical markets.

The BFNG10 works twofold: as a forceful blow off gun that quickly removes particulate from surfaces and as a neutralizer to remove the static charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces

Ergonomic Precision

The handheld guns provides point-and-shoot precision ionization where ever you need it. The gun body is lightweight but durable, and features a light-touch trigger, making it comfortable for extended use. A metal hanger is provided for easy mounting.



The BFNG10 is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges in personal benchtop environments, sensitive materials assembly, SMT, Electronics Assembly, Automotive packaging, clean room and laboratory environments. The BFNG10 can also remove static in painting applications, and in other applications where static is an issue.

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Performance and Design Excellence

BFN series AC ionizers from Transforming Technologies create a dense and well-balanced ionization current. They are unique in their ability to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Continuous balance and decay protection is assured by the reliable AC design.

SPBFN37 Hollow Fiber Micro Filter
The SPBFN37  filter features provides excellent filtration and has a long service life. The compact design is easy to install and comes with quick release connections for fast replacement. All materials used are compatible for the most stringent applications.

Verification and Calibration:
The BFNG10 ionizer comes factory calibrated and with a calibration certificate.  Ionizer performance can be tested and verified with a charge plate monitor. Important tests to perform are positive and negative decay times and ion balance. It is recommended to test ionizer performance at least 1 per year.

Download the BFNG10 Gun Data Sheet

Download the data sheet and learn more about the BFNG10 ionizing gun.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

Precision Point and Shoot – Ionization Where You Need It


1000V—100V, < 2 seconds @12”


0 +15 volts

Power Supply

AC100-240V, 50Hz

Air Pressure

Typical Range: 20—87 PSI, CDA

Ozone Production



1 Year (Manufacturer Defects)

RH Operating Range

20-60%, non-condensing

Why Use ESD Ionizers

Typically ionizers are used to eliminate static charges on insulated materials, as they cannot be grounded by attaching a cord like conductive or static-dissipative objects. Air ionizers create a mix of molecules called ions which are both positively and negatively charged. When the ions blow over your workspace the negative ones will attract to any positive charges and the positive ones will attract to any negative charges. Once they bind to the charges your insulated object will be neutralized.

Ionizers can solve these common static problems

  • Particles such as dust clinging to surfaces
  • Product clinging to itself, rollers, machine bed or frames
  • Materials tearing, jamming or curling
  • Sheet feeding problems
  • Paint unable to setting
  • Hazardous shocks or sparks

How To Clean Ionizers

Cleaning BFN Ionizers

Download BFN Cleaning Guide

Cleaning your ESD ionizers is a very important maintenance step.  Ionizers can experience performance issues when they are dirty, that can be solved with a simple cleaning. Emitter points can become dirty over time which slows decay times.  The body of the ionizer can collect dust, specifically inside and around the fan, which can high voltage arcing or full failures.

Emitter Point Cleaning: Integrated Brush

  • Turn brush clockwise & counter-clockwise several times
  • Do not turn the brush 360 degrees. There is a stopping point at the bottom left
  • Periodically, use Isopropyl Alchohol with a  clean cloth to clean emitter points

Internal Fan Clean

  • Remove fan guards
  • Use clean dry compressed air to remove any dust or particles
  • Use Isopropyl Alchohol with a  clean cloth to clean fan assembly


  • Make sure the ionizer is unplugged before cleaning
  • Isopropyl Alcohol can be diluted with distilled water
  • Acetone is not necessary
  • Emitter points should be completely dry before operation.

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