VinylSTAT FM3 Dissipative V-Groove ESD Matting

  • A V-Groove emboss provides a non-slip surface that provides excellent traction
  • Provides a dissipative ESD surface that protects the floor beneath.
  • Very resilient, allowing it to stand up to heavy foot traffic while still maintaining its ESD protection.
  •  1/8" thick matting is available in 3 and 4' widths x60' rolls and an assortment of lengths.
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Part Number: FM3 Series
Categories: Floor Matting,
Data Sheet


This dissipative ESD floor runner has a non-slip, grooved surface that provides excellent traction and allows the mat to be easily cleaned.

V-Groove floor runner mats can reduce slips and falls by increasing traction, even when exposed to moisture and chemicals. Transforming Technologies’ VinylStat FM3 V-Groove solid floor runners are made from a homogeneous polymer mix of durable PVC and are designed to provide a static-safe work area for a wide variety of applications where ESD properties are required.

The FM3’s matting is embossed with a V-Groove pattern that provides a non-slip surface that is easy to clean and has great lay-flat properties. Available in Gray.

Full rolls are available in the sizes: 3′ x 60′ and 4′ x 60′. Cut mats are also available in a variety of sizes and come ready to use with factory installed grounding snaps and low profile grounding cord.

Provides a path-to-ground for workers wearing ESD footwear as well as a non-slip surface that protects floors in high traffic areas.