VMI Ready ESD Products

Now stocking ESD Products packaged for your vending needs.

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Products ship same business day or next business day. FOB Ohio.


Our products are able to be customized – packaging or private label – to best represent your company.

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Buy products in bulk or place blanket orders to save your company money and ensure stock is on hand.


All inquiries can be sent to sales@transforming-technologies.com, 419-841-9552 or contact your account manager.

Solving Your VMI Sourcing and Packaging Issues

We have product ready to be stocked in vending machines. Contact us today for custom packaging or private label materials.ur everyday business operations online.

Our Vending Products


Wrist Strap Sets

Our wrist strap sets are available in a variety of options:

  • Single Wire
  • 6’/12′ Coil Cord
  • Dual Wire
  • 5’/10’/20′ Coil Cord

Custom labeling with logos and part numbers available



ESD Jackets

Our level 3 ESD Jackets are all single packaged and perfect for vending machines. Customize the packaging with your part number or logo.

  • Colors: Black, White, Teal, Maroon, Blue
  • Sizes: XS-5XL
  • Level 3 ESD Jacket
  • Tested for 100 washes
  • 90% Polyester, 10 % Carbon

ESD Gloves

ESD cut resistant gloves and ESD assembly gloves are both available in uncoated, palm coated or tip coated options. Packaged in pairs.

  • Cut Resistant Level 3
  • Assembly Gloves
  • Uncoated, Palm coated, Tip coated
  • 18 Gauge Yarn, UHMWPE Construction
  • XS-2XL

Heel Grounders

Our heel grounders can come packaged with 2 per bag. Featuring a reversible cup design, the HG1360 heel grounders are offered in 5 different colors.

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
  • 1.25″ Reversible Cup
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Buried 1 Meg Resistor
  • XL size available in black