Warmbier 7100.EFM51.CPS.SET Charge Plate System without EFM® 51 (for retrofitting)

  • Charged plate set  for retrofitting the EFM® 51 (not included)
  • Includes
    • a High Voltage Generator (+/- 1200 volt),
    • Base
    • Charging Plate
    • Ground Connection
    • Carrying Case
    • Batteries
    • Calibration Certificate
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Part Number: 7100.EFM51.CPS.SET
Categories: Test Equipment,

The Wolfgang Warmbier EFM51.CPS is used to retrofit the EFM® 51  to enable the meter to measure and evaluate an ionizer’s efficiency.

The Warmbier 7100.EFM51.CPS.SET includes a High Voltage Generator (+/- 1200 volt), Base, Charging Plate, Ground Connection, Carrying Case, and Batteries.   The EFM® 51 static field meter is not included.  Purchase this kit if you already use the EFM® 51 and would like to test ionizers.

Used with the EFM® 51  Static Field Meter

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