ESD Solvent Bottles & Flux Dispensers

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with Permanent ESD Properties
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) Free
  • Lightweight and Mobile
  • Color: Blue
  • ESD Symbol Printed on All Bottles
  • Strong Seal to Prevent Leaks
  • Bottle Measurements Embossed On Side
  • Stainless Steel Dispensing Pump/Lid (Solvent Dispensers)
  • 16GA, 20GA, and 26GA Needle Options (Flux Bottles)
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Part Number: BT100-Series
Categories: ESD Bottles,
Data Sheet

The BT1000 Series ESD Solvent Bottles & Dispensers are made from a high density polyethylene (HDPE) and designed to dispense isopropyl alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, ethanol, terpenes, and/or any other liquid that is applied with a swab, wipe, or cotton ball.

The BT1000 ESD Solvent Bottles & Dispensers include a hinged lid to keep impurities out while the container is not in use. The stainless steel lid facilitates the use of aggressive solvents while a precision valve prevents the contents from leaking, vaporizing, and ensure total purity.

The BT1000 ESD Flux Dispensers feature a leur locking hub to prevent any leaking from the needle tip. Needle tip options include 16, 20, and 26 GA, topped with a black conductive cap.

Compliance to Standard: IEC 61340-5-1.


ESD Solvent Bottle, Blue, 6oz.


ESD Solvent Bottle, Blue, 8oz.


ESD Flux Bottle w/ 16 GA Needle, Blue, 2oz.


ESD Flux Bottle w/ 20 GA Needle, Blue, 2oz.


ESD Flux Bottle w/ 26 GA Needle, Blue, 2oz.