DC2000 ESD Safe Pens

  • ESD safe pen compatible with clean rooms and other controlled areas
  • Printed with an ESD symbol in yellow
  • Fine point
  • Available with black, blue and red
  • Sold in 10 packs.
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Part Number: DC2000 Series
Categories: Office Supplies,
Data Sheet

A commonly overlooked source of static is everyday office supplies. Ensure total ESD protection with static safe ESD pens.

The DC2000 Anti-Static ESD Safe Pens is perfect for use in static controlled manufacturing facilities. Use this pen in ESD protected areas or any controlled area where static generation is a concern.  The pens do not tribo-charge and are printed with an ESD symbol in yellow.

  • Available in black, blue or red ink.
    • DC2000 – Black
    • DC2000R -Red
    • DC2000BLU – Blue
  • Refills available.
  • Sold in packs of 10.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESDS20.20.

Create an EPA with an Anti-Static ESD Safe Pens

A required step to controlling static damage in manufacturing is to create an EPA or a Electrostatic Protected Area.  Inside this area, you must remove all unnecessary insulators (such as plastic) and replace them with anti-static products, which are specially designed to prevent static buildup and discharge. These products are made of anti-static materials, such as metal or conductive rubber and plastic that have low resistance and can dissipate static charges to the ground. They also have ESD symbols and labels to indicate their compliance with the industry standards.  Standard Pens are a commonly overlooked source of plastic in an EPA.  Use our ESD versions to make sure your protected.