Create A Turnkey Modular System To Fit Your Needs

The PGT120.COM ESD grounding tester takes quick and accurate resistance measurements of ESD wrist straps, ESD footwear, heel grounders and smocks and stores test data on a computer. Data logging ESD test information in a computer database eliminates a paper log, where the operators must hand write ESD test information and you must rely on the honor system for compliance. The unit operates with 3 independent measuring circuits which allows the wrist straps and heel grounders be to tested individually and simultaneously.


Eliminate Paper Logs

Transfer data to your network. The data terminal stores test data for up to 30 days without an active internet connection – never lose your data!


One-time Upfront Fee

No yearly fees. Pay for the software one time and receive free support and firmware updates if required.


Responsive Customer Support

You’re not in this alone! We include responsive support for any issues you may encounter during installation or testing. Speak one on one with technical support to solve your issues.


Step One: Choose Your Device For Recording And Processing Test Data

Data Terminal2 – Standard Model

7100.PGT120.COM.DT - Data Terminal - Basic

The PGT120 Data Terminal 2 is the base system that is ready to integrate into existing HID infra-structure. Systems can be connected via USB and an open database interface is used.

Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT

Data Terminal3 – RFID Model

Data Terminal DT3

The PGT120 Data Terminal 3+ is equipped with a built-in RFID Reader for employee identification. Also includes a display, a relay to open doors/barriers, 4 USB ports.

Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT3

Data Terminal TC18 – Touch Screen Computer Model

PGT120COM TC18 Touch Screen

The PGT120 Data Terminal TC18 is a 10” touch screen MiniPC that can display test results as well as store data. Includes 4 USB ports, LAN-Port RJ45 and RS232 ports. The housing is durable aluminum with front panel mounting.

Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT3

Installation: Choose How To Mount Your Tester

Wall Mounted


To save valuable space, the PGT120 can be mounted to the wall.

Model number: 7100.PGT120.WK.

Pedestal Mounted


The PGT120 can be installed  on a free standing  pedestal.

Model number: 7100.PGT120.SE

Turnstile Integration


The PGT120 can be integrated into barrier systems such as a door, gate or turnstile. The PGT120 includes a NO/NC switch.  If using the PGT120.COM with a data terminal, the system requires a relay module cable: Model number 7100.PGT120.TEST.12.  Transforming Technologies offers various turnstile systems.

Choose Your Human Interface Device

RFID Reader


7100PGTXKV3-2 - RFID Reader



7100PGT120TEST11 - USB-Key-Pad

Bar Code Scanner


7100.PGT120.TEST.15 - Bar Code Scanner

Magnetic Card Swipe Reader



Optional Accesories

Label Printer


label printer

PGT120 Mat



Signal Light



PGT120 Calibration Device


calibration device

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