SP0906 - Anti-static ESD Spudger

  • Anti-static ESD Spudger for Electronics Applications and Soldering
  • Flat (Screwdriver) End
  • Notched End for Hooking Wires
  • Pointed End to Form Leads, Probing and Holding Objects for Soldering
  • Sold in 20 Packs
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Part Number: SP0906
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Data Sheet

Anti-static ESD Spudger is a solder tool used for working on electronics, soldering and ideal for forming wire leads or use as a pointer probe.

Anti-static ESD Spudger are the ideal solution to all those tasks that require prying or poking but where a metal tool might damage the sensitive materials you are working with. This 6” long, durable tool is excellent for soldering applications. Made with 15% glass filled nylon makes this tool suitable for use around ESD sensitive components.  ESD spudgers are great paired with ESD Gloves for electronics repair.



  • Excellent For Opening
  • Nylon Material Prevents Scratching or Chipping
  • Lightweight, Portable, and Compact Design
  • Premium Quality – Reusable For Many Applications
  • Sharp Pointed End and Beveled Edges Fit Easily Into Tight Spots
  • Notch End for Hooking and Pulling Wires or Components
  • Helps to comply with ANSI ESDS.20.20
Mobile Phone Service

Anti-static ESD Spudger in Cell Phone Repair

The ESD Nylon Spudger is an all around great pry tool to use for multiple types of repair procedures, such as screen repair or disassembly of a smartphone or tablet. The flat side of the Nylon Spudger can be used for prying or removing and setting pop connectors and jaw-bone connections. The pointed side of this Nylon Spudger can make prodding and prying that much more concise while continuing to be a safe repair tool; Most of all the nylon spudger is ESD safe meaning that it reduces the risk of potential static damage to the motherboard and other internal components