HG1232 - Heel Grounder - Cup Style - Buckle Closure

  • ESD grounding device for mobile personnel
  • Buckle closure for tight fit
  • Durable molded resistor for safety
  • 35 mm reversible cup design increases heel grounders life
  • Made with durable ESD rubber
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Part Number: HG1232
Categories: Heel Grounders,
Data Sheet

The HG1232 Buckle ESD Heel Grounder is a superior quality, cup-style shoe grounding system with a buckle closure that designed to Ground mobile personnel.

The HG1232 Buckle ESD Heel Grounder is comfortable and compatible with most footwear and includes a buckle closure for excellent fit.  A full 36″ conductive ribbon is used to make contact with the body. These heel grounders connect the person wearing them to ground via a proper floor mat or flooring material. Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user. A molded 1 meg ohm resistor is standard and visible. Heel grounders are worn on both feet to provide consistent grounding while in motion.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.