WBAS28MET Cleanroom ESD Waste Basket: 28 Quart (7 gallon )

  • Ideal for Cleanrooms and other controlled environments
  • 7-gallon capacity
  • Made with permanently¬†conductive stainless steel
  • Typical point-to-point resistance: 10^2 ‚Äď 10^3 ohm
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Part Number: WBAS28MET
Categories: ESD Trash Cans,
Data Sheet

Use the WBAS28MET Cleanroom ESD Waste Basket to safely dispose of materials that pose a danger to spark or discharge.

Conductive trash cans keep charged waste materials away from sensitive electronic devices and from chemicals that could be ignited by a spark. When grounded, the cans and liners will not hold a static charge and will contain materials safely. Transforming Technologies’ WBAS28MET conductive ESD waste basket is a stylish rectangular wastebasket with radius corners and rolled edges. Stainless steel conductive waste baskets keep highly charged waste receptacles away from sensitive electronic devices. Ideal for cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing, inspection, quality control, and research laboratories. Very durable.