WBAS180 ESD Trash Can – 44 Gallon

  • Conductive ESD trash cans remove the static threat of plastic receptacles that can damage sensitive electronic devices.
  • 44 gallon capacity
  • Permanently conductive – will never lose ESD properties
  • ESD symbol in yellow printed on body for easy identification
  • Typical point-to-point resistance: 10^4 – 10^5 ohm
  • Requires LTL Shipping
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Part Number: WBAS180
Categories: ESD Trash Cans,
Data Sheet

The WBAS180 44 gallon ESD trash can safely dispose of materials that pose a danger to spark or discharge and damage static sensitive items.

The WBAS180 44 gallon ESD trash keep charged waste materials away from sensitive electronic devices and from chemicals that could be ignited by a spark. When grounded, the cans and liners will not hold a static charge and contain materials safely. Ideal for cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing, inspection, quality control, and research laboratories. Transforming Technologies’ WBAS180 ESD trash can is a large trash can able to withstand the manufacturing environment. Very durable – does not dent, crush or chip.

Quickly move the 44 Gallon ESD Trash with the WBASDM conductive dolly.

Complies with IEC 61340-5-1. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.

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