CAL1000 – Calibration Verification Device
Verify ESD meters are calibrated and in proper working order Precision resistor box Passive – Does not require power Verifies Transforming Technologies GTS600K, GTS900K, SRM310, SRM500K and many others....
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CM2015 Periodic Verification Tool
Periodic Verification Tool for the Resistance Ranger Constant Monitors Quickly Verify That Constant Monitors are Calibrated and Operating according to Specifications Resistor Box Containing 5% Fixed Precision Resistors...
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CM410PV – Periodic Verification Tool For CM400 and CM410
CM410PV Verification Unit
Periodic Verification Tool For CM400 and CM410 Verfies that the constant monitor is in proper working order. Factory calibrated.  No recalibration required. Comes with Certificate....
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PDT78PV – Verification Unit for the PDT700K and PDT800K
Verify that the PDT700K and PDT800K combo tester are operating correctly. Resistance Box with Fixed 5% Precision Resistors Selectable Test Range of 100K~1G....
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