TX40HF Series - ESD Cleanroom Hood with Ground Snaps

  • TX4000 ESD Grid Fabric—99% Polyester / 1% Carbon
  • Open face with snap-under-the-chin closures
  • Two vertical snaps at each side of temples
  • Vertical and horizontal snaps in back and shoulders
  • Rolled hem
  • Electrically connects to ESD coverall for ground continuity with two snaps
  • Product Circularity: Reusable / Launderable
  • ISO Cleanroom: ISO 6 (Class 1000)
  • Meets standards required for ANSI/ESD S20.20.
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Part Number: TX40HF
Categories: Cleanroom Apparel,
Data Sheet

ESD-Safe Integrated Cleanroom Wear Designed for Mobile User in Controlled Environments.

Transforming Technologies TX4000 ESD Cleanroom Garment
System protects the controlled environment from
the number one source of contamination and static
found in cleanrooms – people. Electrostatic charge is an
invisible contaminant that has the potential to degrade
or destroy both product and equipment, as well as attract
unwanted particles. Controlling these charges on
mobile operators with the TX4000 Garment System
throughout the controlled environment is essential to a
productive manufacturing process.