GL6500N - ESD Level 6 Cut Resistant Gloves - Nitrile Palm Coated

  • Multi-Purpose - Multi-Use Electronics Inspection and Handling Glove That Is Durable Enough For Most General Use Applications
  • Cut Resistant  - Tested and Certified to ANSI Cut Level 6
  • ESD & Static Safe - Typical ESD Properties: 10^6 ~ 10^8 Ohms per ANSI/ESD SP15.1
  • Fabric: High Quality 18 Gauge Yarn, UHMWPE Construction with Conductive Carbon.
  • Coating - Features a black nitrile palm coating
  • Cuff: Finished Knitwrist Cuff for a Comfortable and Secure Fit.
  • Touch Screen - Works with Touch Screen Electronics Devices such as Phones and Tablets
  • Packs: Sold in packs of 12, 1 size per pack.
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Part Number: GL6500N-Series
Categories: ESD Gloves,
Data Sheet

ESD Level 6 Cut Resistant Gloves are worn when handling ESD sensitive items involving items that pose a medium cut risk. ESD Cut Resistant Gloves protect static sensitive items during assembly and inspection.

The StaticCare ESD Level 6 Cut Resistant Gloves are ANSI Cut Level A6 Certified. The gloves have an 18 gauge exclusive lining technology contributing it the thinnest cut F glove. Most cut resistant gloves are bulky with low dexterity. We made softness and flexibility a priority with our GL6500 cut 6resistant gloves as they provide perfect dexterity, comfort and fitting. The gloves are also 10-finger touch screen compatible to use with your devices. The Staticare GL6500 series gloves provide superior ESD protection because conductive carbon threads are combined with the cut resistant fibers to provide uniform static decay rates. Typical surface resistance is less than 10^6 ~ 10^8 ohms per ANSI/ESD SP15.1 per the ESDA Standards.

Sold as 12 pair per bag.

• Automotive industry
• Glass industry
• Paper industry
• Construction
• Electronics Industry

Also available from Transforming Technologies is the StaticCare GL2500 series Cut Level 3 ESD Gloves.

Why Choose Anti-static Cut Resistant Gloves?

A company that works with sensitive electronics should choose to wear anti-static cut resistant gloves for the following reasons:

  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can cause damage, failure, or increased warranty claims
  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can also protect employees from cuts and slashes from sharp objects and tools, which can cause injury, infection, or contamination.
  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can reduce the need for buying and keeping inventory of two different gloves, one for ESD protection and one for cut protection, which can save money, space, and time.

Therefore, anti-static cut resistant gloves can offer a dual benefit of safety and efficiency for a manufacturing company that works with electronics.