GL9100 Series - Static Safe Hot Gloves - Polyester - 14"

  • Have static control and heat resistance in one glove
  • Gloves resist up to 302°F(150°C)
  • 100% inner tricot knit polyester fabric liner
  • Clean room safe
  • Cuff mounted Grounding snap
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Part Number: Gl9100
Categories: ESD Gloves,
Data Sheet

Have great static control and mid-level heat protection in one ESD Safe Cleanroom Hot Glove.

The GL9100 series ESD safe cleanroom hot glove provides static protection and thermal protection without compromising cleanliness. Designed for printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, semiconductors and other processes, the GL9100 Gloves resist heat up to 302°F or 150°C.  The gloves provide protection against cross-contamination, direct contact between exposed skin and dangerous chemicals as well as when working with mid-level temperatures. ESD Safe Cleanroom Hot Gloves provide secure protection within critical environments including labs, cryogenics, electronics and clean manufacturing. Protect yourself in a cleanroom with a series of gloves that provides dependable thermal protection for dry handling applications.

These gloves use a polyester knit fabric suffused with carbon fiber. Heat protection is enhanced with a 100% inner tricot knit polyester fabric liner and a full 14 inch length. A cuff mounted grounding snap is also included.  Need higher heat protection?  Learn more about our Nomex High-Temp ESD Safe Cleanroom Hot Gloves – FG3900 series ESD Cleanroom Safe Hot Gloves.


  • Fabric : Polyester knit fabric suffused with carbon fiber.
  • Inner Liner: 100% inner tricot knit polyester fabric.
  • Length: 14in
  • Temperature: Resists up to 302F (150C)
  • Electrical RTT: < 1 x 10^10 Ohms/Sq.
  • Low tribocharging: typical results less than 300 volts

Interested in the IEST recommended testing practices for gloves and finger cots? Read Cleanroom Technologies update.

Application and Usage
Semiconductor, SMT Assembly, Disk Drive. Applications that require thermal glove protection, static and contamination control.

Care Instructions
The ESD inspection gloves may be laundered for repeated use.

  • Mild detergent only.
  • Use less detergent than for regular load of clothing.
  • Do not use dish soap.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not put in the dryer.

Product Numbers

ItemDescriptionSales Unit
GL9101Polyester Static Safe Hot Gloves 14" SmallPair
GL9102Polyester Static Safe Hot Gloves 14" MediumPair
GL9103Polyester Static Safe Hot Gloves 14" LargePair
GL9104Polyester Static Safe Hot Gloves 14" X-LargePair