PGT120.WK - Mounting Plate for the PGT120 Series Tester

  • Mounting plate for the Wolfgang Warmbier PGT120 Series ESD Combo Testers
  • Works with the following Models
    • PGT120
    • PGT120.COM
  • Mount the PGT series testers on the wall or a bench
  • NOTE:  Does not include the tester and footplate.  Wall plate only.
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Part Number: 7100.PGT120.WK
Categories: PGT120 ESD Tester,
Data Sheet

Mounting Plate for use with the PGT120 and PGT120.COM personnel grounding testers.

The PGT120.WK is a metal mounting plate for the wall or bench for the PGT120 series.  Does not include tester – mounting plate only.

For use with models: