Warmbier PGT120.COM.DT2 Data Terminal For the PGT120.COM

  • Data Logging: Turns the PGT120.COM tester into a "Smart" ESD Combo tester that integrates with a computer to record test results into a database.
  • Access:  Test information can be accessed from a Web Interface on any computer on the network as well as from a dedicated database via the DataTERM software on a single PC. Multiple PGT120.COM stations can be networked together and information stored in a single location.
  • Plug and Play: Supports USB accessories such as Printers, HID devices, Signal Lamps, Temp/Humidity Sensors
  • User Identification: User identification with any USB HID input device (RFID, Barcode Scanner, Magnetic card swipe, Keypad).Existing identity cards or time attendance cards can be used*
  • Barriers: An optional replay can trigger access systems such as turnstiles, doors, etc
  • Must be used with the PGT120.COM tester from Wolfgang Warmbier
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Part Number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT2

The Data Terminal 2 for the Wolfgang Warmbier PGT120.COM creates a data logging ESD tester system that can integrate many USB accessories.

The PGT Data Terminal 2 (DT2) is a modular system that allows the recording and processing of ESD test information from the PGT120.COM combo tester. A basic system consists of a PGT120.COM tester and the DT2.  The test data is stored inside the DT2 for one month and can be accessed via a web interface when connected to a network. Test data can also be stored in a SQL database with a computer on the network which can be accessed and manipulated with DataTERM software from Warmbier. The system also allows for user identification with any USB HID input device(RFID, barcode, magnetic card, keypad) and can integrate with existing HID systems. An optional USB relay can be used to trigger a barrier system such as a turnstile, or door.

  • Ready to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Multiple PGT120.COM stations can be networked
  • Existing identity cards or time attendance cards can be re-used
  • Open database interface
  • Measurement data is ready to process after a few seconds
  • Various databases can be used in combination with existing access systems is possible
  • Secure network communication


Interface ports:
4 x USB (max. 600 mA)
1 x D-SUB9 for PGT120.COM
1 x RJ45 – LAN
1 x RJ12 – Relay
1 x Micro USB – RFID Reader
1 x Micro USB – POWER 5VDC
Dimension: 120 x 150 x 63 mm
Weight: 350 g
Output: Solid State Relay 24 VDC (16V/AC)/ 2A – Ohmic load.  (External protection circuit for switching loads required)
Internal RFID-Reader: Legic