Warmbier Walking Test Kit WT5000 Electrometer

  • Perform the ESD Walking Tests for Floors - Prove that Your ESD Floor is Grounding Your Personel
  • Tests ESD Floor Compliance per ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC 61340-4-5.
  • Measures Voltage Generated on the Body While Walking
  • Body Voltage is Displayed on Meter as well as Live Via a Computer
  • The Body Voltage is Graphed in Real Time on an Easy Understand Interface
  • Easy to use Analysis Software to Save, Measure, Print and Export Tests
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Part Number: 7100.WT5000.B
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Data Sheet
Owners Manual

Warmbier Walking Test Kit WT5000 Electrometer Performs the ESD Walking Kit on Floors: Test and graph the performance of ESD floors in combination with a person per ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC Standard 61340-4-5.

The WT5000 Walking Test Kit has been designed to perform a voltage measurement of floor materials and footwear in combination with a person according to ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC Standard 61340-4-5. This test will evaluate the performance of the floor/footwear system. This test is of special importance when the floor/footwear system is used as a primary means for grounding personnel.

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Analysis Software

The WT5000 is supplied with easy to use analysis software, you can save, load, zoom, measure, print and export test results.  The WT5000 can display live tests measurements via a Windows PC and via the LEDs on the front panel of the instrument.

WT5000 Software




  • Test range: ± 5000 volts
  • Accuracy: 5% of the measured value
  • Input impedance: > 10^14 Ohm
  • Input capacity: < 5 pF
  • Response time: <= 10 ms
  • Display: Logarithmic LED-display ± 500 V, changeable to ± 5000 V with Peak Hold function
  • Output: Analog ±5V DC for each range
  • Power supply: Rechargeable batteries
  • Complies with IEC 61340-4-5

The Walking Test

The operator walks on the floor section in a six-step pattern and comes to rest with both feet on the floor specimen in front of the EFM meter. The step pattern requires forward and backward steps and a cross over step:walking test pattern for esd tests

Perform the test three times and the WT5000 will measure the results.  Save each test for recording purposed.

Supplied with:

WT5000 Electrometer, A/D-converter with software Digilloscope, rechargeable batteries, power supply, handheld electrode, connecting cables, conductive carrying case, user’s manual, calibration certificate


Size: 13″x9.5″x9″.   Weight: 6lbs

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