ESDCM1000 Anti-Static ESD Safe Computer Mouse

  • Anti-Static ESD Safe Computer Mouse for use in Electrostatic Protected Areas.
  • Permanent ESD properties with yellow ESD Symbol
  •  2 Click Buttons + Finger Scroll, 1000 DPI
  •  USB Connection, Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/Win7/Win8/Win10, IOS
  • Can also be used in class 10-100 Cleanrooms
  • Meets industry requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and 1EC61340-5-1 standard
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Part Number: ESDCM1000
Categories: Office Supplies,
Data Sheet

The ESDCM1000 Anti-Static ESD Safe Computer Mouse protects your sensitive electronics against a commonly overlooked source of static damage that is plastic office supplies.

The ESDCM1000 Anti-Static ESD Safe Computer Mouse is ideal for use in ESD office areas, electronics sensitive areas, semi-conductors, PCB, LCD, SMT, and more where static electricity may be of concern. It can also be used in the 10-100 purification level of Cleanrooms. The ESDCM1000 is injected with an inherently dissipative polymer (IDP) agent, which creates a tight mesh structure in its construction, after being fused with ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material. This ensures the anti-static properties will perform throughout the life of the product.
Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.

Pair the ESDCM1000 mouse with an Anti-static ESD Safe Keyboard

Create an EPA with an Anti-Static ESD Safe Computer Mouse

A required step to controlling static damage in manufacturing is to create an EPA or a Electrostatic Protected Area.  Inside this area, you must remove all unnecessary insulators (such as plastic) and replace them with anti-static products, which are specially designed to prevent static buildup and discharge. These products are made of anti-static materials, such as metal or conductive rubber and plastic that have low resistance and can dissipate static charges to the ground. They also have ESD symbols and labels to indicate their compliance with the industry standards.  A keyboard and mouse is a commonly overlooked source of plastic in an EPA.  Use our ESD versions to make sure your protected.