BFN8412 Extended Coverage Bench Top Ionizer

  • Excellent static elimination performance
  • Extended Coverage Range: 3' x 6' area
  • Uses AC technology to produce a balanced output of positive and negative air ions.
  • Integrated emitter cleaner for ease of operator use.
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Part Number: BFN8412
Categories: BFN Ionizers,
Data Sheet
Owners Manual

BFN8412 extended range ionizing blower has high speed, consistent static elimination for an extended 3’x6′ coverage area

The BFN8412 extended range ionizing blower, with AC technology, provides excellent balance and stability for secure workstation protection. Designed to cover a broad 3′ x 6′ area, the 8412 uses AC technology to continuously produce a balanced output of positive and negative air ions.

Extra-wide Workstation Protection

The BFN8412 has an effective coverage area of 3x6ft.  BFN series AC ionizers from Transforming Technologies create a dense and well-balanced ionization current. They are unique in their ability to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Continuous balance and decay protection is assured by the reliable AC design.

Built with the User in Mind
An integrated emitter point cleaner makes the occasional maintenance a breeze and the removable front and rear fan guards include safety switches which turns off all power during servicing.