How To Properly Sanitize ESD Table Mats?

How To Properly Sanitize ESD Table Mats?With the Covid-19 virus on everyone’s mind, companies are asking how to properly clean and sanitize ESD rubber table mats in a way that will not affect their static control performance.

So for the past several weeks, we tested two common cleaning agents known to control the Covid-19 virus; Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and Lysol.  The is concern is that repeated use of IPA or Lysol will degrade the ESD performance of rubber mat material, leaving sensitive components at risk.  We found that after 36 applications,  the ESD performance of table mats were not affected by disaffecting with IPA or Lysol.  

For our testing, samples of our most popular rubber table mat, the MT4500 series, were sprayed twice daily, allowing the cleaning agent to stand for five minutes prior to wiping per the manufacturer’s instructions.   The mats resistance properties were tested daily, and after 16 working days of applications, the mats showed no change in their physical or ESD control properties. In some cases, the surface resistance readings improved.

We suggest that users of our 2 layer ESD mats use an EPA approved cleaning agent to help prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus but to perform regular compliance verification testing for any long term affects on the material.

For testing questions, download our guide on how to properly test ESD mats, or call us at 419-841-9552 or schedule a 15 minute meeting with a  static control expert to learn more.