ESD Standards Explained – ANSI ESD STM2.1 for ESD Garments

STM2.1 GarmentsESD Standards Explained:  ANSI ESD STM2.1 Is the Standard Test Method for ESD Garments

What is ANSI ESD STM2.1?

ANSI ESD STM2.1 is the standard test method for ESD Garments. The document provides the test methods used for evaluating the electrical resistance of static control garments that contain surface conductive or dissipative materials.  ANSI/ESD STM 2.1 requires that all garment materials tested be cleaned a minimum of three times prior the start of testing.  The standard also lists the requirements of the testing device – a Resistance Measuring Meter.

ANSI ESD STM2.1 is the method used to verify a garment meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards. ANSI/ESD S20.20 defines the required limits for Static Control Garments that are to be used in an ESD control program where ESD sensitive devices are handled.  ESD Garments must fall into one of three categories to be considered compliant.   The minimum requirements is a point-to-point resistance of less than 1.0×10^11 ohms.

Both standards can be purchased from ANSI.ORG or the ESDA.ORG

ANSI ESD STM2.1 Definitions

Body Contact Point (BCP): The portion of the ESD control item that makes electrical contact with the human body

Ground Termination Point (Gtp): The end of the bonding conductor that attaches to the common connection point to common point ground with the Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA)

Resistance Point-to-Point (Rpp): The resistance in ohms (Ω) measured from one cylindrical electrode to the other clyndrical electrode on the surface of the same panel, between two different panels or between two Body Contact Points (BCP) of a garment

Resistance Point-to-Groundable-Point (Rpgp): The resistance in ohms (Ω) measured between a single cylindrical electrode placed on a surface and a garment groundable point (Gp)


Do You Require ANSI ESD STM2.1 Garment Testing?

Do you need to test your garments to ANSI ESD STM2.1 and to ANSI/ESD S20.20?  We can provide the test equipment required for you to preform the tests on your own or we can do the testing for you in our humidity controlled chamber.

Test Equipment Required for ANSI ESD STM2.1 Garment Testing?

The following test kits can perform the test required for ANSI Garment Testing

Our surface resistance meters can be found here:

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ESD Standards Explained - ANSI ESD STM2.1 for ESD Garments
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