New Product Announcement: The BFNG10 – ESD Ionizing Gun

Transforming Technologies is pleased to announce we have added the BFNG10 ESD ionizing gun to our line of ionizers.

BFNG10 Ionizing Blow Off Gun

The BFNG10 is a high-performance ESD ionizing gun perfect for a wide variety of industrial applications.  The BFNG10 provides excellent balance and rapid charge decay for secure ESD workstation protection.

The BFNG10 ionizing gun combines portability, fast static decay rates, excellent balance and low compressed air consumption to efficiently remove static and contaminates in the Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly, Medical Device, Optics, Automotive and Pharmaceutical markets.

The BFNG10 works twofold: as a forceful blow off gun that quickly removes particulate from surfaces and as a neutralizer to remove the static charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces.

The gun body is lightweight but durable, and features a light-touch trigger, making it comfortable for extended use. A metal hanger is provided for easy mounting.

BFN series AC ionizers from Transforming Technologies create a dense and well-balanced ionization current. They are unique in their ability to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Continuous balance and decay protection is assured by the reliable AC design.


  • Designed for long-term use in an electronics production environment.
  • Size: 17″x22″
  • Sold in pack of five posters
  • Made in the United States of America

Product information, data sheet and images can be found here: