ESD Jacket Cuffs Explained

ESD Jacket Knit Cuff vs Snap CuffESD Jacket Cuffs Explained

ESD Jacket Snap CuffLets discuss ESD jacket cuffs, also called sleeve terminations.  An ESD smock is an essential element to any comprehensive static control program. But all the options can be confusing. Lets explain jacket sleeve terminations.

ESD jackets sleeves terminate with either a Snap Cuff or an ESD Knit Cuff.  Short sleeve jackets are also available, but we will discuss them later.

ESD Jackets with Snap Cuffs

ESD Jacket Snap Cuff Wrist BandThe sleeve on a snap cuff is hemmed and includes three snaps that you use to adjust size for a proper fit. A wrist strap can also be snapped to the garment sleeve and cord is attached at the hip pocket to ground both the person and the jacket.


ESD Jackets with ESD Knit Cuffs

ESD Knit CuffsAn ESD Knit Cuff is very similar to the ribbed cuff on the end of a sweatshirt. ESD Knit cuffs form a contact path around both of the wearer’s wrists and can eliminate the need for the additional wrist strap. If the cuff is conductive enough, the wearer can be grounded by attaching a coil cord to the 4mm stainless steel snaps on the hip pocket.  Many manufacturers also include a snap under the knit cuff so a wrist strap can be used as well.

Which Cuff is Better?

ESD Jacket Cuff WhiteNow that you know the difference between Snap Cuff and ESD Knit Cuff, you might wonder which one is better for your needs. The answer depends on several factors, such as the type of work you do, the environment you work in, and your personal preference.

The Cuff your Choose Depends on Preference and Application.

Snap Cuff is more suitable for workers who need to frequently remove or adjust their jackets. Snap Cuffs also allows for more flexibility in sizing and fitting, as you can choose from three different snap positions. Many users may also feel cooler in a snap cuff compared to the knit cuff.   The Snap Cuff is also more economical, as it typically costs less than ESD Knit Cuff.

ESD Knit Cuff provides a more consistent fit, as it conforms to your wrist size and shape. ESD Knit Cuff’s are primarily chosen for the hands-free grounding feature, which eliminates the need for wrist straps, as it creates a continuous grounding path from your body to the jacket. A downside is an ESD Knit Cuff may wear out over time, and lose that consistent fit.

ESD Knit Cuffs may also be designed to work with a dual wire constant monitor. These jackets are specially designed to make contact with the body and work in conjunction with a resistance base constant monitoring system. This set up is a rarer occurrence.

Short sleeve jackets are available and are used primarily in warm environments. The user cannot ground themselves through the jacket.  It also covers less of the body, which may be an issue if your ESD protection needs are high.

Both Snap Cuff and ESD Knit Cuff are effective in preventing static discharge and protecting sensitive electronic components from damage. The choice between them depends on your personal and professional needs. You can find both types of ESD Jacket Cuffs at our online store, where we offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to suit your preferences.