Electrostatics Society of America Presentation

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the Electrostatics Society of America will be held June 14-16, 2011, at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.

Papers will be presented in all scientific and technical areas involving electrostatics, and Transforming Technologies is proud to announce that two of our associates work will be included in the event.

On Tuesday, June 14 at 2pm, Dr. Larry Levit of LBL Scientific will be presenting the paper “Generating Air Ionization With No Contaminating Particles”.  Written in conjunction with Doug Buyer of the ESD Company, the session will examine the performance of the Aphaboost technology, a hybrid alpha/electronic air ionizer. Below is the abstract:

Abstract—Modern semiconductor manufacturing employs air ionizers to reduce the effects
of static charge. These effects are contamination control from electrostatic attraction and on
physical damage from discharges. Conventionally, air ionization is generated by corona from
needle electrodes, but there are particles generated by this process. In the past, these particles
have been too small to affect the manufacturing process, but this is no longer true. The latest
small structures on the wafer have reached the limit where these particles will harm the product.
This paper discusses the mechanism for particle creation and presents a design which
creates no particles.

For more information on Alphaboost, read the white paper Alphaboost Electronically Enhanced Alpha Ionization, or view this Cleanroom Air Ionization in a Nano World presentation.  For conference information, visit http://electrostatics.org.