33rd Annual EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits

Thank you to all who visited the Transforming Technologies booth at the ESD/EOS Symposium 2011.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in the ESD field and reconnect with past colleagues.

A recap of the products and demostations at our booth:

AlphaBoost:  Electronically Enhanced Alpha Ionization

AlphaBoost™ bipolar ionization systems significantly enhance the effective range of P-2042 alpha sources (NRD, Inc.)and offer a practical alternative for static control in ultraclean manufacturing environments. Alphaboost™ uses self-contained, pulse DC fields to repel ions rapidly away from the alpha source. The Alphaboost™ system variable frequency control provides excellent static protection, in multiple configurations.

For more information about AlphaBoost, please visit the links below:



Cyclops – Infrared Operator Presence Sensor for the CM2800 Series Constant Monitor

cyclops-remote-ir-logoCYCLOPS™ operator presence sensorsassure compliance with personnel grounding requirements and protect ESD safe workstations by sensing when an operator is within the protected work area. An operator who approaches the workstation without connecting their wrist strap causes the CM2800 Series resistance monitor with the CYCLOPS™ sensor to alarm. The alarm continues until compliance is achieved, preventing isolated operators from damaging ESD sensitive devices

33rd Annual EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits