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In today’s manufacturing environments, the threat from ESD is a constant. The invisible enemy may cause catastrophic product failures, increased warranty claims, process lockups or contamination – all costing you money. But the solutions don’t have to be confusing. We are here to help!

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Craig Zander

ESD Expert

Level 1: Plant Auditor B08L1-201

Level 2: Program Design And Administration B09L2-301


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Solutions For Static In Electronics

Transforming Technologies offers a wide range of critically important ESD products for protecting static sensitive electronics. Our products are key tools used by industries to assure an effective static control program.


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Transforming Technologies is a Corporate Member of the ESD Association

Transforming Technologies is a proud member of the ESDA. Founded in 1982, EOS/ESD Association, inc. is a professional voluntary association dedicated to the  understating of EOS and the theory and practice of electrostatic discharge (ESD) avoidance.