WB6043 - Metal Wrist Band & Coil Cord Set - Metal Expansion Band; 12ft Cords

The WB6043 ESD wrist strap set is a durable grounding device for industrial and controlled environments.
  • Durable: The metal wrist band has a vastly longer working life than traditional fabric bands
  • Controlled Environments: The Speidel band is clean room compatible
  • Universal: The band expands to fit most wrists and the 4mm snap that fits most common coil cords
  • Options: Available with straight or right angle coil cords in 6ft, 12ft or 20ft lengths
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Part Number: WB6043
Categories: ESD Wrist Straps,
Data Sheet

WB6043 Metal ESD Wrist Band & 12ft Coil Cord Set is a durable, clean room safe grounding strap for eliminating static on personnel 

The WB6043 Metal Wrist Band and Coil Cord set is a premium band set offered by Transforming Technologies. Featuring a high quality adjustable, one size fits all metal wrist strap set with an insulating outer surface and stainless steel inner surface. The band is standard with 4mm, machined male snap and provides a 360 degree conductive contact around the wrist, providing maximum skin contact.

The Band Set is completed with a premium 12ft coil cord featuring 2.5mm polyurethane coil insulation with excellent coil memory. A shorter, swivel type banana jack increases coil life, prevents cord tangles and fits most bench grounds. It is uses highly conductive copper sulfide nylon thread for conductivity and it has a maximum resistance of 160 ohms.  Also available with a 6ft or 20ft coil cord.  You can also purchase the band only.  Right angle coil cords are available in the 6ft or 12ft lengths

Anti static wrist strap sets are great personal grounding solutions and the WB6000 series meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006.

Part Numbers

WB6037Wrist Strap Set, Metal Band with Premium 6' coil cord, 4mm Snap
WB6043Wrist Strap Set, Metal Band with Premium 12' coil cord, 4mm Snap
WB69020Wrist Strap Set, Metal Band with Premium 20' coil cord, 4mm Snap
WB6037RWrist Strap Set, Metal Band with Premium Right Angle 6' coil cord, 4mm Snap
WB6043RWrist Strap Set, Metal Band with Premium Right Angle 12' coil cord, 4mm Snap
WB6014Wrist Strap Set, Metal Band Only