Warmbier 7220.900 Backrest Probe

  • Ensures Excellent Contact During Evaluations of ESD Chairs
  • Rugged Metal Probe
  • 4mm Banana Plug Socket Connection
  • For Use With Resistance Meters
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Part Number: 7220.900
Categories: Test Equipment,
Data Sheet

The Wolfgang Warmbier 7220.900 Backrest Probe is used to take accurate resistance measurements of ESD chairs.

The Warmbier 7220.900 Backrest Probe is designed to evaluate ESD chair back-rests according to ANSI ESD20.20. The clamp ensures excellent contact on the chair backrest during resistance-to-ground measurements. The rugged clamp is fitted with conductive contact points and an insulating handle. The connection point is a 4mm banana plug socket.   The full part number is: 7200.900

Use the backrest probe with a surface resistance meter, such as the Metriso B530, to properly test ESD gloves.