Warmbier 7100.VB Veribox

  • For the Periodic Verification of ESD Testers
  • Contains Fixed Resistors: 1GΩ, 1MΩ, 10KΩ
  • Passive Device - Uses No Power
  • For Use With Most Available Resistance Meters
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Part Number: 7100.VB
Categories: Test Equipment,

Warmbier 7100.VB Veribox verifies That Your ESD Test Equipment such as Surface Resistance Meters are Operating Correctly 

Warmbier 7100.VB – Veribox is for the periodic verification of ESD test equipment such as Surface Resistance Meters. The Veribox contains fixed resistors that can quickly and accurately simulate resistance for testing the accuracy of ESD testers and meters.

Compatible with most ESD Resistance Meters and the following Transforming Technologies meters:

Wolfgang Warmbier is the premiere ESD products manufacture in Europe.  Transforming Technologies exclusively suppliers Warmbier brand products to North America.