TD2023 Two Roll ESD Tape Dispenser

  • TD2023 Two Roll ESD Tape Dispenser is a High Quality Steel Desktop Dispenser for use with ESD Tapes and other tapes
  • Weighted-Rubber Lined Based for Stability and One Hand use
  • Serrated Blade with Pivoting Blade Guard for Safety
  • For Use With Tape Up To 3in Wide
  • Up to Three Rolls
    • TD1023 - One Roll Tape Dispenser
    • TD2023 - Two Roll Tape Dispenser
    • TD3023 - Three Roll Tape Dispenser
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Part Number: TD2303
Categories: Tape,
Data Sheet

TD2023 Two Roll ESD Tape Dispenser is a high quality steel desktop tape dispenser for 3in wide tape cores with a rubber lined base to secure the dispenser to the worksurface

The TD2023 Two Roll ESD Tape Dispenser is compatible for tapes with a 3 in. core diameter and the maximum outside roll diameter that can be supported/hold is 5 in., so it works perfectly with office supply tapes and ESD tapes from Transforming Technologies.

The extra-wide serrated blade reduces the working time required to align the tape with the cutting edge, which increases speed and efficiency. A pivoting blade guard provides protection from accidental contact. When closed, it will also assist in keeping the tape secure from rolling back on itself.

The three available sizes make way for wider rolls of antistatic tape, or mixing and matching multiple widths on the same ESD tape dispenser.

Industrial grade steel desk tape dispenser that’s made for 3-inch diameter core tape. It can hold up to a 5-inch out-side roll diameter, so it’s ideal for office supply, packing and anti-static tapes.

ANSI/ESD S20.20 section 8.3.1. states “All nonessential insulators, such as those made of plastics and paper (e.g., coffee cups, food wrappers and personal items) must be removed from the workstation.” In ESD protected areas, replace tape and dispensers that can be a static generator with ESD-safe versions.