FM9C ComfortTREAD Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue ESD Mat - Interlocking Center Piece

  • Provides an Anti-Fatigue, Energizing Surface to Stand On.
  • Specially spaced diamond treads on the surface of the mat provide excellent traction
  • Available in interlocking sections to create runners in custom lengths
  • Wide beveled borders to promote safety
  • 100% Conductive Rubber Complies with ANSI ESD20.20
  • Available in the following sizes:
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Part Number: FM9C
Data Sheet

ComfortTREAD Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue ESD Mat quickly snap together to create ergonomic anti-fatigue floor with excellent traction. 

ComfortTREAD diamond-plate ESD anti-fatigue mats keep your workers comfortable and your ESD sensitive equipment safe.  The mat will not separate, bubble-up, ripple, tear, compress or lose resiliency. Available in interlocking sections which can be quickly dismantled to make moving and cleaning easy. Two FM9E connected creates a 2.5′ x5′ workstation mat or you can pair the two FM9E with any number of FM9C pieces to create a runner in 30” increments.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 per ANSI/ESD STM7.1

Diamond Plate Treads

Diamond Plate Treads

Our rubber ComfortTREAD mats are equipped with diamond-pattern surface treads. Thanks to this specialized design, our mats provide fantastic traction in work areas as well as large entryways, aisles, or other highly traveled areas. This regular pattern of raised diamonds imbue the industrial aesthetic and will provide anti-fatigue and slip protection for years.


Superior Anti-Fatigue Design

ComfortTREAD diamond-plate ESD anti-fatigue mats keep your workers comfortable and your ESD sensitive equipment. A fully molded honeycombed cell design absorbs shock and cushions the feet from constant contact with hard surfaces. The honeycomb design creates responsive columns with air pockets that get softer when compressed, not harder like solid vinly matting. The rubber is a flexible, elastic material that dampens and absorbs vibration. It forms a protective rubber barrier between your floors and industrial equipment, heavy foot traffic, or other abrasive environments.


ESD Protection You Can Count On

Transforming Technologies guarantees that our ComfortDOME Anti-Fatigue Mats operate in the ideal conductive range – with surface resistance between two points (RTT) of 1.0 x 10^3 – 1.0 x 10^5 ohms. ComfortDOME Mats drain static charges efficiently and will act as part of the path-to-ground for an operator wearing ESD footwear. ComfortDOME matting should be installed and properly grounded to an approved and tested ground point. The mats do not require grounding when placed on an ESD floor that measures within the user’s specified limits. This mat can also work on a static dissipative floor without grounding.