ESD Safe Shelf Liners - Durable ESD Rubber

  • Available in Various Sizes of Ready-Made Shelf Liners
  • Durable  Two Layer Rubber in Two Thicknesses: 0.080" or 0.060"
  • Excellent Resistance to Wear and Tear.
  • Colors Available: Nasa Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray
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Part Number: Shelf Liners
Categories: ESD Table Matting,
Data Sheet

ESD Safe Shelf Liners, available in Two Layer ESD Rubber, are designed to provide an ESD Safe surface for shelving and storage racks.

The ESD Shelf Liner is a made of a durable 2-ply rubber. A conductive layer backs the static dissipative top layer that creates outstanding electrical performance characteristics. The ESD Shelf Liners offers excellent resistance to wear and tear and can even resist hot solders, soldering irons and most solvents.

The ESD Shelf Liners are available in various sizes and come with two (2) 10 mm snaps and a common point ground cord.

  • Economical and ESD safe
  • Available in Two Thicknesses: 0.080″ or 0.060″
  • Two snaps will fit wrist straps & ground cords
  • Available in various sizes

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.