ESD Jackets: Lightweight 8812 Fabric, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff

  • 8812 Fabric: Made with lightweight 88% Polyester and 12% carbon for maximum breathability
  • 3/4ths length jacket cover more clothing - about mid-thigh
  • Snap Cuff: The sleeve terminates with three snaps that adjusts for a proper fit
  • ESD-Protection: Our jackets are certified ESD-safe with a resistance of less than 10^8
  • Durable: Passes continuity testing after 100 wash cycles
  • Colors: Light Blue, White and Maroon
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Part Number: JKC88SP-Series
Data Sheet

Lightweight ESD jackets are made with a breathable light fabric makes this anti-static garment perfect for warm environments where ESD damage is a concern. 

Our Lightweight ESD jackets with Lapel Collar and Snap Cuff offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by the clothing on the user’s body and should be worn where ever ESD damage is a concern. The 8812 Lapel Collar jackets are fabricated from light weight 88% polyester and 12% carbon fabric for unmatched operator comfort. Excellent for warm environments. Superior workmanship provides reliable panel to panel continuity. The JKC Series 8812 jackets maintains consistent continuity readings for up to 100 wash cycles. Available with an ESD Knit Cuff.  Available in light blue, maroon and white.

Snap Cuff

This jacket’s sleeve terminates with a hemmed sleeve with three snaps that adjusts for a proper fit. The three snap cuff is ideal when you already have wrist-straps, or in cases when wearers find the knit cuffs a little too snug. Hands-free grounding can be achieved by attaching a wrist strap to a snap on the garment sleeve and using a ground cord at the hip pocket which grounds both the person and the jacket.

ESD Jackets as part of a complete ESD program.

ESD jackets are the most visible sign of ESD protection and any facility that mandates ESD garments demonstrates a commitment ESD protection. ESD jackets are a recommended addition to a program that already includes typical grounding measures, such as wrist straps and heel grounders. This is because of the potential hazard of the operator’s clothing. The ESD TR20.20-2008 states: “While a person may be grounded using a wrist strap or other grounding methods, that does not mean that insulative clothing fabrics can dissipate a charge to that person’s skin and then to ground. Personnel clothing usually is electrically separate or isolated from the body.”

Light weight but also Durable ESD Jackets

One of the most important features of an ESD jackets is the durability. We have put our 8812 Series Jackets through a 100 wash cycles and it maintains consistent continuity readings, passes industry standard tests and holds up to wear-and-tear. You can invest in your ESD program and rely that our ESD jackets will last the test of time.

ESD Jacket Laundry Care

Here are a few tips to Wash An ESD Jacket:

  • Wash in cool or cold water (90°F maximum) with any commercially available liquid detergent
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Bleach can cause deterioration in the conductive components of your garments, and fabric softener may interfere with moisture absorbency as well as mask any soil release finish it may have.
  • Wash different types of garments in separate loads. Avoid cross-contamination of fabrics by only washing like garments together. This will also prevent stiff or abrasive fabrics from hurting more sensitive garments.
  • Hang dry your garments when possible. Many ESD-safe garments are temperature sensitive, so you do not want to hurt their conductivity during the drying process. Also ESD-safe garments tend to dry fast.
  • If you must use a dryer, tumble dry only on lowest setting.
  • Avoid ironing if you can, as the heat may hurt the ESD-safe properties of your garments. This is another reason why it is best to hang dry, as you will have to iron your garments less.
  • If you must iron, only iron on lowest setting.

Part Numbers

ItemDescriptionSales Unit
JKC8801SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, X-SmallEach
JKC8802SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, SmallEach
JKC8803SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, MediumEach
JKC8804SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, LargeEach
JKC8805SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, X-LargeEach
JKC8806SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, 2X-LargeEach
JKC8807SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, 3X-LargeEach
JKC8808SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, 4X-LargeEach
JKC8809SPLBESD Jacket, Lapel Collar, Snap Cuff, Color: Light Blue, 5X-LargeEach
Replace "LB" with "WH" for White, and "MR" for Maroon