CS0123 - Snap Screw Set - 10mm

  • Installs a 10mm stud into ESD workstation materials
  • Creates a solid connection with wide screw base that sandwiches the material
  • Quickly un-installs so you can reuse the snap
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Part Number: CS0123
Data Sheet

CS0123 ESD Snap Screw Set quickly and easily installs a 10mm stud in worksurface rubber or vinyl. Creates a solid connection for grounding cords.

The CS0123 ESD Snap Screw Set provides a 10mm stud in worksurface rubber or vinyl. Includes a screw base and 10mm stud. Installs a 10mm studs into ESD workstation materials and provides a solid connection with a wide screw base.

How to Install Snap Screw Sets
1. Place ESD matting on workstation. Locate the safest, and most convenient grounding point (outlet).
2. Choose which side of the mat has the closest or most convenient access to the grounding point.
3. Locate an area 1 –2 inches in from each corner of the mat on the side that was determined in step 2.
4. Make a hole in the mat large enough for the screw to slide through.
5. Place the stud onto screw and turn clockwise until the stud is flush with the ESD mat.