SRM330 Lightweight Travel Surface Resistance Meter Kit

SRM330 Lightweight Travel Surface Resistance Meter Kit

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Product Description

The SRM330 Surface Resistance Meter is the ulti-mate travel kit for testing materials for electrical re-sistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM test procedures. The battery powered SRM330 is equipped with built-in parallel electrodes for quick surface measurements and includes two lightweight “travel” electrodes that eliminate the cumbersome weight of standard kits. When pressed, the travel electrodes simulate the 5lbs of pressure necessary to measure resistance point-to-point (RPP) or resistance-to-ground (RTG).

Features include:

Easy-to-read color coded readout screen
Two lightweight “Press & Test” travel electrodes
Built in resistivity probes
Automatic test voltage selector
Carrying case

The SRM330 meets periodic test requirements per Compliance Verification ESD TR53 and conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1).

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