CYCLOPS™ operator presence sensors

CYCLOPS™ operator presence sensors



CYCLOPS™ operator presence sensors, from Transforming Technologies, assure compliance with personnel grounding requirements and protect ESD safe workstations by sensing when an operator is within the protected work area. An operator who approaches the workstation without connecting their wrist strap causes the Resistance Ranger Constant Monitor with the CYCLOPS™ sensor to alarm. The alarm continues until compliance is achieved, preventing isolated operators from damaging ESD sensitive devices

The Resistance Ranger dual conductor workstation monitor provides complete ESD protection. Utilizing ultra-low voltage, resistive loop technology, the CM2800 is an extremely sensitive and reliable ground monitoring unit for use in highly critical areas.
Proactive Key Functions:

Detection distance: 10~80cm adjustable. Default 25cm.
Compatible with the CM2800 and workstation monitors through a dedicated 6-pin signal cable.
Dimension: 5.2×3.9×2.5 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 33g

Hard drive manufacturing / GMR head testing / Electronics assembly / Aerospace / Military / Semiconductor Fabrication / Any static sensitive assembly and test environment

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