Low profile common point ground cord
CP2522 Common Point Ground CordCP2524-female-snap-view

CP2524: Low Profile Common Ground Point Cord,10mm Female Snap, 1 Meg

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  • Common point ground cord for two wrist straps and ESD mat
  • Low profile molded head with 10mm female snap
  • Length: 15ft long
  • 1meg resistor for safety (available without resistor)
  • Cords available with both male studs and female sockets
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Low profile Common Point Ground Cord with a 10mm female socket that can ground two wrist strap and a table mat. The CP2524 low profile ground cords are highly durable and reliable ground cords. Equipped with two standard banana jacks, the CP2524 grounds up to two operators at the same time. The low profile, molded head has built-in 10mm female snap for a secure worksurface attachment. A 15′ black ground cord terminate with a standard 1/8″ (#10) ring terminal for a solid connection to ground. Also available with a 8mm ring terminal. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20. The Transforming Technologies CP2524 Specifications:
  • Product Type: 15 feet Common Ground Cord with 10 mm male snap
  •  Two Banana Jacks
  • 8″ (#10) ring terminal
  • 10mm female snap
  • Includes: 15 feet Long Black PVC Cord
  • Material: PU|PVC
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Connector Type: Two Banana Jacks

Product Series

The CP2524 is available with the following options:
Part NumberDescription
CP2522Low Profile Ground Cord, 15' Long, 1 Meg, 10mm Male Snap
CP2524Low Profile Ground Cord, 15' Long, 1 Meg, 10mm Female Socket
CP2522NRLow Profile Ground Cord, 15' Long, No Resistor, 10mm Male Snap
CP2524NRLow Profile Ground Cord, 15' Long, No Resistor, 10mm Female Socket

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Common Point Ground Cord

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10mm Male



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