WP8200 – Cleanroom Safe ESD Inspection Wiper – 9″x9″
WP8200 ESD Inspection Wiper
Black Anti-Static Cleanroom Wipers are perfect for the cleaning and final inspection of sensitive components in controlled environments. Visually inspecting the wipe is the quickest and easiest way to check...
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WP7200 – Cleanroom Safe ESD Polyester Wiper – 9″x9″
Ideal for wiping exterior areas of products in ESD-sensitive areas as well as cleaning of process tools and other equipment. Made out of 100% continuous polyester ļ¬laments with conductive carbon...
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BEMCOT M-3 – Static Dissipative Cleanroom Wipers
BEMCOT M-3 wipers are for quick and easy wiping in cleanrooms and other working environments that demand the lowest levels of lint and particles Made out of cotton into a...
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WP6200 Static Dissipative ESD Wipers
WP6200 Static Free Wiper
ESD & CLEANROOM SAFE: Static dissipative ESD wipes are perfect for all electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications PREMIUM MATERIALS: Constructed with 100% knitted polyester that are continuously filamented that...
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