BEMCOT™ Wipers for Automotive Processes

The high cost of polyester knit wipes requires multiple uses and multiple washing cycles — leading to additional costs, overhead and a breakdown of the wipes with excess lint.

The solution: Bemcot Wipers

Why Bemcot Lint-Free Wipers?


With over twenty years as the cleanroom wiper of choice in Japan, Bemcot are the only wipers made from Bemliese™, the 100% pure cellulosic nonwoven fabric derived from cotton linter. The Bemliese production process forms a pure nonwoven sheet by self-bonding continuous filaments with no binder or other additives. Bemcot wipers provide a unique combination of key advantages using renewable natural cotton linter:

  • Low particle generation
  • Anti-static
  • High purity
  • Heat resistance
  • High absorbency
  • Biodegradability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Ecoefficiency

BEMCOT is used by  Toyota, Honda and other Top Automotive Manufacturers in Japan.

Key Benefits for Automotive

1. High Absorption: For removing sealant and particles
2. Lint Free: Ultra-low fiber release for maintaining clean surface areas
3. Exceptional Price Performance: 1/2 to 1/3 price of polyester knit wipers
4. Green: Biodegradable and ecoefficientt – 100% natural cotton linter

Typical Usage for Automotive Surface Preparation

1. Sealant Removal: Removing excess sealant prior to painting
2. Glue Removal: Removing excess glue during windshield, sunroof or other glass installations
3. Glass Cleaning: Cleaning of head lights, sunroof or other glass parts

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