7100.200.TR50 50ft Cable Reel

Warmbier 7100.2000.TR50 – 50ft Cable Reel

Item #: 7100.2000.TR50

  • Make testing floors easier with a 50ft cable reel
  • Test Resistance Over a Larger Area
  • The Reel Easily Rolls Up The Cable for Storage
  • For Use With Most Available Resistance Meters


Make testing floors easier with a 50ft cable reel used with probes to take resistance measurements over large areas.

Warmbier 7100.2000.TR50 Р50ft Cable Reel allows you to take resistance measurements over large areas with ESD probes while testing ESD floors. The reel makes it easy to roll up the cable when not in use. The full part number is: 7100.2000.TR50

Compatible with most ESD Resistance Meters and the following Transforming Technologies meters:

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Cable Reel For Testing Floors


Helps to Test Floors According ANSI.ESD.2020

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