MP7575 – Anti-Static Grounded Cleanroom Compatible Mouse Pad

Item #: MP7575

  • ESD Safe Mouse Pad is groundable with coil cord
  • Does not produce a significate static charge – ESD Safe!
  • Permanently anti-static – Less than 10^6
  • Cleanroom compatible


Our Anti-Static Grounded Mouse Pad can be used in Cleanrooms or anywhere that ESD or static control is a concern.

Our Anti-Static cleanroom mouse pads are made from an inherently static dissipative elastomer that gives stable and uniform electrical resistance reducing the risk of a static event and greatly extending the life of the mat. They are washable and are designed to be used on computer desks including plastic, glass, stainless steel and more.

These cleanroom mouse pads do not curl and layers will not delaminate over time.  They are ultra-low outgassing, non-VOC, and non-blooming so they are compatible for use in clean rooms.


  • Durable surface: non-curling, lays flat
  • Rapid, safe static drain
  • Withstands temperature, solder, flux, and harsh chemicals
  • Will not outgas and contaminate in cleanroom environments
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