LM1000 ESD Laminate Worksurface
LM1000 ESD Laminate WorksurfaceLM1000-esd-laminateLM1000-esd-laminate-1

LM1000 – ESD Laminate Worksurface

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Item #: LM1000 Series

  • Extremely durable ESD laminate that protects your sensitive items from ESD as well as your work surface from wear and tear.
  • A High Pressure Laminate (HPL) which are manufactured under extreme pressure to deliver a surface that is strong, durable as well as attractive.
  • Specially designed with a conductive layer sandwiched between the dissipative top and bottom layers, which creates excellent ESD properties.
  • Available in ready-made table sized sheets with radius corners: 2’x3′ and 2’x4′ sheets.  Contact for custom sizes.
  • NOTE:  ESD Laminate is a special order product with a 3-4 week lead time.  
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Protect your static sensitive items from ESD that could cause damage during manufacturing and assembly with a tough, but stylish ESD Laminate Worksurface.

Transforming Technologies’ ESD Laminate is designed for work stations where static-sensitive electronic components are manufactured and assembled. Our high pressure ESD laminate tops are the perfect answer for electronic assembly, dust-free environments for manufacturing of circuit boards and other sensitive work areas like hospitals, medical facilities, cleanrooms and laboratories. The ESD Laminate is available in beige with a radiused edge that is smooth, rounded, and free of irregularities and loose particles.

ESD Protection
Our ESD Laminate has a surface resistance (<1 x 10^9 ohms Rtg) which meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 worksurface required limit for contact with ESD susceptible items. The laminate is impregnated with a conductive layer which creates a consistent path-to-ground for static charges. In addition, the laminate resists hot solder, most solvents and fluxes.

Creates an ESD safe work area by a providing a path-to-ground for electrical charges as well as protecting the work surface from dust and damage.

LM1000 ESD Laminate Worksurface

Ready-Made ESD Worksurface

Our ESD Laminate is available in 2’x4′ and 2’x3′ mats with radius corners and includes two 10mm snaps and a common point ground cord. Our low profile common point ground cord has two banana jacks which provide a ground point for two wrist straps.

Extremely Durable ESD Worksurface

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are one of the most used materials in the construction industry and are commonly used with interior doors, furniture and floors. HPLs are made from a number of cellulose laminations or layers of what is, essentially, paper.  These layers are impregnated with a phenolic resin and are heated while simultaneously being pressed at up to 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch. The result is a thin sheet that’s very hard and very tough.  HPL has the following advantages:

  • Strong Heat, Scratch, Stain, Chemical and Impact Resistance
  • Infiltration Resistance: Very low water absorption and moisture content
  • Hygienic Properties: moisture resistance makes it an antibacterial product, characterized by a surface so solid that dirt cannot penetrate.
  • Light Stability and UV Ray Resistance
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain
  • ESD Properties: Our laminate includes a conductive layer that allows static charges to drain to ground.
LM1000 ESD Laminate with ESD Protection

ESD Protection According to Industry Standards

The procedures follow ANSI/ESD STM7.1 for Flooring and ANSI/ESD STM4.1 for Table Tops.  The Resistance-to-Groundable Point test (used for both methods) uses a resistance meter and 5lb weighted probe on the center of the mat and measures resistance from the probe to the button snap.  The requirement is <1×10^9 ohm.  The LM1000 Series laminate sheets pass this requirement.

Additional information






High Pressure Laminate (HPL)


Provides a ESD Safe, Static-Free Worksurface


Less than 1 x 10^9ohms


2’x3′, 2’x4′

How ESD Table Mats Work

An ESD mat is a very important part of an ESD protected area.  ESD mats are designed to eliminate static on its surface and of objects placed upon it.   It does this by having a conductive material embedded within the mat that collects the static and sends it to ground (earth). This is usually accomplished by connecting the mat to ground (typically the center screw of an outlet) with a ground cord. It’s important to discharge at a slow rate, therefore a resistor in the ground cord is recommended. ESD table mats should have an electrical resistance of less than 10^9 ohms.  Testing your ESD mat regularly ensures that your workspace is free of damaging electrostatic charges.  Test the resistance of the mats with a Surface Resistance Meter.  

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