CS1090 ESD Universal Snap Kit, 10mm

  • Universal snap kit easily installs a ground snap into a range of mat thicknesses
  • User installable with a screwdriver
  • Installs a 10 mm snap or stud to ESD workstation materials
  • Includes 2 screws for thick and thin materials
  • 1 each: 10 mm socket, 10 mm stud, washer and screw base
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Part Number: CS1090
Data Sheet

CS1090 ESD Universal Snap Kit installs a 10mm Ground Snap into Most ESD Mats with the Universal Snap Kit.  Comes with a Male or Female Socket and Two Lengths of Screws.

The Transforming Technologies CS1090 ESD Universal Snap Kit includes a 10 mm stud, 10 mm socket, threaded backing washer, conical nut, long screw, short screw, and ESD common point ground label. Everything needed to field-install a stud or socket on all soft materials up to 0.375″ thick. Screws are 6-32 Flat Head Phillips machine screws; one 0.25″ long and one 0.375″ long. Punch a hole through the mat and screw on the socket or stud, whichever is preferred. All that is needed is a Phillips screwdriver.


  1. Determine the position of the grounding snap (one only per mat) and type of fastener you will be installing (socket or stud).
  2. Punch a hole through the material with a small Phillips screwdriver or awl.
  3. Select one of the screws as follows: Material less than 0.100″ thick – short screw. Material greater than 0.100″ thick – long screw
  4. Insert the screw through the top on the snap stud or socket, the washer, and the material. Affix the assembly with the conical nut supplied with the kit and tighten down the screw using a Phillips screwdriver.
  5. Remaining will be either a 10mm stud or socket, and either a long or short screw to be discarded or saved for another application.