CC9037R Premium Right Angle Coil Cord: 6′ Length – 4mm, Snap – Black

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Item #: CC9037R-TT

9000R Premium Right Angle Coil Cords Series: 6′, and 12′ Lengths – 4mm, Snap – Black

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The Transforming Technologies CC9000R Series Premium Right Angle Coil Cord is a premium quality grounding device that uses superior materials and construction to assure long life and excellent memory. Each cord comes standard with a 4 mm female snap and a right angle banana plug. Polished polyurethane coil insulation gives all the CC9000R Series cords excellent coil memory. A swivel type banana jack with six (6) leaves increases coil life and prevents cord tangles. Conductor consists of a 7-core tinsel wire and has a nominal 2.5 mm diameter. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006. Benefits & Features of the Transforming Technologies CC9000R SeriesPremium Right Angle Coil Cord: Length: 6′, extended, 12′, extended Resistor: 1 meg ohm Flex Life: > 50,000 flexes Color: Black Banana: Swivel type

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Single Wire Coil Cord

Snap Size



Right Angle, Swivel Type



Cord Length

6′, 12′

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