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Model 300 Charge Plate Monitors to Test Ionizer Performance


The Model Number 300 charge plate monitor uses large, high-contrast, alpha/numeric LED displays for easy reading at any viewing angle, even in high ambient lighting conditions. Individual LED’s, provide additional operation status during testing and setup. Single-button operation of manual +decay, -decay and balance ensures simple, easy operation. Balance tests record ±peaks and average reading. Each test can be customized in setup for stop trip levels and test duration. An automated set of tests can be initiated with a single button depress.

Operation and setup can be done via a USB port and PC software in addition to the front panel buttons. Test results can also be retrieved for automatic or manual test.
Real time analysis of ionizers can be done via the analog output.

Measures, displays and stores last test data, including discharge times, peak offset voltages, and average offset voltage.
Easiest, most reliable way to check effectiveness of all ionization-type static control systems3
Meets Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM 3.1
Removable, cable-connected ion collecting plate probe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring
Separate time and voltage displays for
discharge time test
Recorder output for permanent records and unattended operation
One range measures from 0 to ±1kV

Dramatically demonstrates induced charges and human body potential

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Model 288B Charge Plate Monitors to Test Ionizer Performance


The Model 288B’s easy-to-use, self-contained
design simplfies ionizer audits: Testing your ionizers is as simple as pushing a button. Model 288B is the first Charged Plate Monitor to incorporate a microprocessor and data storage, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer. All test parameters are programmable allowing tests to be optimized and not dictated by equipment limitations.

Once programmed, the Model 288B will perform a
series of tests automatically: +/- decays, balance,
balance peaks, temperature, humidity, time/date are
stored and may be reviewed via the display or downloaded to a PC. The PC software (included) permits the user to define and name ionizer locations, test setups and sequences, then upload these to the CPM. All of these features result in a flexible, easy to use instrument that facilitates audits while inimizing errors.

Innovative non-contacting electrometer
provides tests to unprecedeted low
voltage with unmatched stability
Fully configurable operating parameters
Soft keys for highly intuitive programming
Manual and automated testing of Decay
and Balance
Internal storage for up to 1500 tests, 500
locations and 4 test protocols
Internal battery for portable operation
(also line operated)
Large, easy to read, high contrast LCD
Detachable 6” x 6” plate
(Optional plate 1” X 1” plate available)
RS232 interface
Built in temperature and humidity
Auto-ranging to 0.1V resolution below
Compatible with new 288B Graphing

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Model 287A Charge Plate Monitors to Test Ionizer Performance


The Model 287A is a low-cost and highly portable alternative to a charged-plate monitor for periodic verification of ionzer performance. It permits ionizer testing at the work location without the need to remove the ionizer from service for testing.
Model 287A performs manual or automatic decay and balance tests for periodic verification of ionization equipment. It then stores the results and averaged decay times for up to ten manual tests and up to ten complete automatic test sequences.Temperature and relative humidity are displayed real-time and recorded with the test data.
All instrument functions are controlled by four
push buttons.
In DECAY mode a built-in high voltage generator charges the plate to over 1050 volts. During testing the plate will discharge toward zero in the presence of ionization. The elapsed time of decay between 1000 volts and 100 volts is displayed.
In the BALANCE mode, isolated plate voltage,
test duration and + and – peak voltages are
displayed. Self-tests include battery check and tests for functional errors.

All-in-One Instrument – Measures, displays and stores voltage, decay time, temperature and humidity
Exceeds current requirements of ESD Assn. SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers
Test Balance and Decay
Low Cost / Performance Ratio
Hand-held, Battery Operated
Microprocessor Driven
Built -in Self Test
Exclusive Monroe Electronics Two year Warranty

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