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FM10 GrooveSTAT Conductive V-Groove Rubber Matting – Mats

The GrooveSTAT FM10 ESD mating provides maximum floor protection & traction control in one static safe mat. This conductive ESD floor runner has a non-slip, v-grooved surface that provides
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ESD Floor Mat Runners are designed to provide safe footing with minimum movement in any environment. ESD Floor Runners are ideal for numerous production locations, walkways, parts counters, lab areas and manufacturing applications.

  • SURFACE: A ribbed v-groove emboss provides a non-slip surface that provides excellent traction
  • CONDUCTIVE: Provides the electrical properties specified by ESDA standards for floor mats.  Similar ESD mats on the market are only dissipative, which do not comply with ESD standards.
  • DURABLE: Very resilient, allowing it to stand up to heavy foot traffic while still maintaining its ESD protection.
  •  SIZES: 1/8″ thick matting is available in an assortment of lengths as well as full rolls.

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ESD Mat & Table Top Cleaner

StaticCARE ESD mat and table top cleaner is safe and effective cleaning solution for electrostatic protected areas (EPAs) and anti-static equipment. A specialized non-hazardous, non-flammable formula
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  • Multi-purpose anti-static cleaner de-signed to clean and maintain a broad range of static dissipative surfaces
  • Remove contamination while ensuring static dissipative properties
  • Can be used to clean other surfaces, such as computer equipment
  • Environmentally safe, noncorrosive, nonflammable, and biodegradable

General Use Topical Antistat

STATIC CARE Anti-Static Coating’s unique water based, neutral pH formulation containing a blend of non-ionic surfactants and a proprietary anti-static additive, provided effective cleaning and long
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  • Provides effective cleaning and long term protection from static electricity buildup
  • For use on: anti-static mats, carpet, assembly and work surfaces and more
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