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ESDC1003C – ESD Curtains

ESD Curtain
Anti-Static and ESD curtains are a great way to separate critical workspaces while also attending to the static-sensitive nature of certain products. Transparent PVC ESD curtains are an
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  • CONTROL: ESD curtains are an ideal barrier wall for sensitive environments such as cleanrooms and control manufacturing environments.
  • ANTI-STATIC: The honeycomb conductive scrim grounds static charges in the area to maintain cleanliness, prevent ESD damage and promote product quality.
  • SOLUTIONS: The curtains are sold in 4’x 98’ x0.3mm rolls that can be easily converted for your application. Easily cut custom sizes with a razor knife and replace as needed.
  • TRANSPARENT: Made with clear PVC with an embedded conductive honeycomb grid that can be used as softwalls to separate areas while maintaining views inside.
  • SIZE 4.49’x 98’ x0.3mm (1.37 x 30M x 0.3mm)
  • RESISTANCE: 2 x 10^11ohms

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